Workshop: Tectonics of gas-bearing shales

field trip26.09.2014

Leaders: Marek Jarosiński (PGI-NRI), Martin Chadima (Agico, Inc.)

Cost: 50 EURO (200 PLN)

Place: PGI-NRI, 4 Rakowiecka St.




In the first part of the workshop the lecture will address:

  • a specific mechanic properties of shale rock and their petrographic constraints
  • meso- and micro-scale tectonic structures in shale rock
  • geophysical imaging methods of tectonic structures in shale complex.
  • technologically induced borehole wall and core features controlled by a present-day tectonic stress
  • magnetic anisotropy and its significance for shale complexes

Implication of tectonic investigations for planning stimulation of hydrocarbon production from shales will be also discussed. 

In the second part of the workshop we are going to have a look at  the shale core samples from the National Geological Archive, on which tectonic structures can be seen as they are exposed to the shale-gas explorer.