Preliminary Conference Programme

(Please note that program can slightly change, the detailed of hours will be announced soon)

Download the preliminary conference programme in pdf >> conference_program_23_04.pdf

Monday 14 May 2012
Start: 9.00 a.m. / Finish: 4.00 p.m.

Opening Ceremony

I Session: 
Stratigraphic Study of Fine-Grained Sediments - From Biostratigraphy to Integrated Stratigraphy

chairmen: Daniel Goldman, University of Dayton & Teresa Podhalańska, Polish Geological Institute

  • KEYNOTE - Goldman D., Podhalańska T., Sheets D. H., Bergström S. M., Nõlvak J., Reinhart K., “High-resolution stratigraphic correlation and Biodiversity Dynamics of Middle and Late Ordovician Marine Fossils from Poland and Baltoscandia”
  • Brański P. “Clay minerals record of climatic disasters at the Triassic-Jurassic boundary and in Early Toarcian (examples from the fine-grained deposits in Polish Basin)”
  • Podhalańska T., “Lower Silurian „hot” shales in Poland – stratigraphy and depositional environment”
  • Pieńkowski G., “From black to green shale – anoxic seas and greenhouse lands in disturbed Jurassic world”
  • Golonka J., Waśkowska A., “Beloveža Formation versus Hieroglyphic Beds in the Magura Nappe, Outer Carpathians, Poland”

II Session
Tectonics of Shales

chairmen: Ken McCaffrey, Durham University & Piotr Krzywiec, Polish Academy of Science

  • KEYNOTE - McCaffrey K., Gluyas J. G., Davies R. J., Imber J., Armstrong H. A., "Shale and Coal basins of NE England: Opportunities for research and industry collaboration in Unconventional Hydrocarbons"
  • Santos Betancor I., Soto J. I., Lonergan L., Sánchez Borrego I., Macellari C. E., "Mud Mobilization and Folding History in the South Caspian Basin"
  • Wróbel G., Walker P., Poprawa P., Krzywiec P., Tomaszczyk M., „Tectonic decoupling along the Silurian shale complex in the Lublin Basin, SE Poland”
  • Krzywiec P., "Role of shales during compressional tectonics: comparison of the Variscan (L. Carboniferous) basin inversion of the Lublin Basin and the Appalachians"
  • Soto J. I., Fernández-Ibáñez F., Santos Betancor I., Talukder A. R., Macellari C. E., "Thin-skinned extension and shale tectonics in a tilted basin margin: the case of the Northern Alboran Sea (Mediterranea)”
  • Kobchenko M., Renard R., Meakin P., Panahi H., Dysthe D. K., Malthe-Sørenssen A., Mazzini A., Scheibert J., Jamtveit B., "Time resolved 3D imaging of organic-rich shales during heating"

2.00 p.m. – 4.00 p.m. POSTER SESSION

6.30 p.m. – 9.30 p.m. ICEBRAKER PARTY
(Polish Geological Institute, Rakowiecka 4, Warsaw)

Tuesday 15 May 2012
Start: 9.00 a.m. / Finish: 4.40 p.m.

III Session

Organic and Inorganic Geochemistry of Fine-Grained Sediments

chairmen: Achim Bechtel, Montanuniversität Leoben & Leszek Marynowski, University of Silesia

  • KEYNOTE - Bechtel A., Hámor-Vidó M., Gratzer R., Sachsenhofer R. F., Püttmann W., "Facies evolution and stratigraphic correlation in the early Oligocene Tard Clay of Hungary"
  • Hardy M. J., Davis C., Kaufman J., Molyneux S., Klimentidis R., Ferguson I., "Poland Shale Gas/Oil Play: Integrating Old and New Disciplines to Interpret Unconventional Resource Potential of an Early Paleozoic Source Rock"
  • Dobrzyński D., Wolicka D., "Needs and challenges in comprehensive hydro-geo-microbio-chemical approach to forecast interactions in the fracturing fluid - reservoir rock - pristine groundwater system"
  • Szczerba M., Respondek M., "Controls on distributions of methylphenanthrenes in sedimentary rock extracts: Critical evaluation of existing geochemical data from molecular modelling"
  • Mastalerz M., Schimmelmann A., Gao L., "Microbial versus thermogenic gas system: Comparison of Devonian/Mississippian shales with Pennsylvanian coals in the Illinois Basin"
  • Kremer B., "Origin of organic matter in the early Silurian cherts and siliceous shales of Poland"
  • Melezhik V. A., Fallick A. E., Črne A. E., Lepland A., "Supergiant petrified oil field in two-billion-year turbiditic greywacke-shale succession in the eastern Fennoscandian Shield"
  • Waśkowska A., Golonka J., Krobicki M., Strzeboński P., Vašíček Z., Skupien P., "Organic-rich shales of the Proto-Silesian Basin in Polish-Czech Carpathians"

IV Session
Shale Diagenesis and Effects on Shale Properties

chairmen: Jan Środoń, Polish Academy of Science & Arkadiusz Derkowski, Polish Academy of Science

  • KEYNOTE - Środoń J., "Timing and the maximum paleotemperatures of diagenesis of the Lower Paleozoic shales on the Peri-Tornquist margin of the East European Craton evaluated from clay mineral data"
  • Taylor K. G., Macquaker J. H. S., "Mineral diagenesis in clay- and silt-rich mudstones: the Mancos Shale, Book Cliffs, Utah"
  • Jahren J., "Quartz cementation in shales relevant for shale gas reservoirs"
  • Schicker A., Gier S., "Clay mineral and organic diagenesis of Malmian Marlstones, Vienna Basin"
  • Sutton S. J., King N., "Relationship between mineralization and fabric in the Nonesuch Shale: implications for fluid migration pathways in fine-grained rocks"

V Session
Accumulation of Muddy Sediments - Sedimentology of Fine-Grained Rocks

chairmen: Kevin Bohacs, Exxon Mobil Upstream Research Company & Paweł Lis, Polish Geological Institute

  • KEYNOTE - Bohacs K. M., Passey Q.R., Lazar O. R., Rudnicki M., Esch W. L., "Some of my source rocks are now oil reservoirs— the spectrum of fine-grained reservoirs from ‘shale gas’ to ‘shale oil’"
  • Jaeger H., "Black shale deposition on a carbonate platform (Aran Islands, Ireland) - organofacies, geochemistry and sequence stratigraphic interpretation"
  • Spaw J. M., Stone R. A., Wilty R. H., Kuchinskiy V., "Identification, Integration and Upscaling of Mudrock Types in Poland - A Pathway to Unlocking Shale Resources"
  • Lis P., Kaufman J., Bohacs K. M., Hardy M. J., "TOC variation through lithofacies in Ordovician to Silurian Shales, Eastern Poland"
  • Breyer J. A., Bunting P. J., Monroe R. M., Steed M B., "Lithologic and Stratigraphic Variation in a Continuous Shale Gas Reservoir: The Barnett Shale (Mississippian), Fort Worth Basin, Texas"
  • Feldman-Olszewska A., "The Middle Jurassic black shales from the central part of Polish Basin - sedimentary environments studies"
  • KEYNOTE - Schieber J., "An Overview of Experimental Mudstone Sedimentology - Results of Experiments and Applications to the Rock Record"
  • Baouche R., "The use of FMI Images in Geological Interpretation of Ordovician unit and Devonian through the wells Takw-1 and Take-1. Illizi Basin. Algeria"
  • Essefi E., Yaich C., "Mathematical optimization of classification systems of the descriptive grain size distribution: a new classification scheme based on mathematical criteria"

VI Session
Geophysical Contributions to Understanding Shale Properties and Behavior

chairmen: David Dewhurst, CSIRO Australian Resources Research Centre & Grzegorz Wróbel, Polish Geological Institute

  • KEYNOTE - Mondol N. H., "Relationships among porosity, permeability and seismic velocity in mudstones and shales"
  • Lemmens H., "Multiscale Imaging of Shale Core Samples"
  • Baig I., Faleide J. I., Mondol N. H., Jahren J., "Effects of Uplift and erosion on Shale Compaction and Exhumation Estimates in the SW Barents Sea"
  • KEYNOTE - Dewhurst D., Sarout J., Delle Piane C., Siggins T., Clennell B., Raven M., "The Mechanics and Physics of Strength Prediction and Partial Saturation in Shales"
  • Radlinski A. P., Melnichenko Y. B., Blach T. P., "Nano- and micropore structure and accessibility in source rocks and tight reservoirs as determined by neutron and X-ray scattering"
  • Baouche R., "Integrating CMR, MRF log and conventional logs in Devonian and Ordovician"

Wednesday 16 May 2012
Start: 10.00 a.m. / Finish: 2.10 p.m.

VII Session
Exploration & Production Experience in Oil/Gas Shale Prospects

chairmen: Laura Reich, Marathon Oil Corporation, Monika Konieczyńska, Polish Geological Institute, Tomasz Maj, Talisman Energy Poland

  • Poprawa P., "Gas and oil shale formations in Central Europe – an overview"
  • Kabdenov S., Gringarten A., Kostyleva I., "Well test analysis of horizontal wells with multiple hydraulic fractures in a gas shale reservoir"
  • Berner U., Marquardt D., Stiller E., "Assessing gas shales – Example from the Lower Cretaceous of Germany"
  • Maj T., "Gas from shale. Local Communities - Cooperation or Conflict?"
  • Gunning A., Drop K., Kozłowski M., "Analysis and evaluation of European Shale Gas plays. Case Study"
  • Solecki A. T., Tchórz-Trzeciakiewicz D. E., "Opal as a carrier of uranium in menilte shales"
  • Golonka J., Krobicki M., Waśkowska A., Słomka T., "Source Rock Prediction Value as a tool for exploration of unconventional hydrocarbons in Carpathians"
  • Konieczyńska M., Antolak O., Starzycka A., "Environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing treatment performed on the Łebień LE-2H well"
  • Poprawa P., "Environmental concerns related to gas and oil production from shale reservoirs – impact related to technological approach versus importance of local geological setting"
  • Solecki A. T., Nowak K. J., Gasz M. R., "Radiological safety of metamorphosed black shales of the Niemcza Zone (NZ) and the Niemcza – Kamieniec Ząbkowicki Metamorphic Unit (N-KZMU)"

2.00 p.m. Conference closing 

Closing lunch (till 3 p.m)