We are pleased to invite you to the next conference dedicated to the Polish Pleistocene, this time in the border region with Belarus. The main objective of the conference is to present the latest research on stratigraphic and paleogeographic Pleistocene issues in the eastern part of Podlasie (Poland) and the western part of Polesie (Belarus). The following groups of problems will be presented in detail:

  • Stratigraphy of tills and interglacial sediments;
  • Glacial marginal zone of Odra glaciation (Saalian) (Warta stadial);
  • Formation of icemelt water runoff during Odra glaciation (Saalian) (Warta stadial);
  • Paleogeography of glacier lakes at the end of SAN 2 glaciation (Elsterian)
  • Periglacial transformation of relief at the end of Odra glaciation (Saalian);
  • Geological and geomorphological conditions for the location of the medieval city of Brest and Brest Fortress;
  • Pleistocene glacitectonic deformations;
  • The genesis of Podlasie Bug gorge (canyon).

For the first two days of the conference, the participants will have introductory lectures, presentations and show posters. During the next three days, field trips will give the opportunity to present the outlined above scientific problems (including two days in Belarus).